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Christian Education

Christian Education

Our Redeemer is a community of lifelong learners and we provide many opportunities for all to grow in God’s Word.

On Sunday mornings, we offer rich curricula in children’s Sunday School, Catechism, and Adult Bible Class. Throughout the year, we host a variety of other programs such as CCLC classes, Vacation Bible School, movies, and Bible studies.

Come and be a lifelong disciple of Christ with us!

Our education Hour is held immediately following service. Sunday School is for children from age 3 through 5th grade.  Confirmation is for 6th and 7th grade.  Sunday School begins with opening in the sanctuary with confirmation students helping lead the opening.  Children will then split into their age appropriate classrooms.  During that time parents are encouraged to join Pastor for ABC (Adult Bible Class) for an in depth study of our faith, to make it a true education hour for all.  Parents with young children are welcomed and encouraged to join during this time with their young children.

Our Christ-centered curriculum, Growing in Christ, covers the Bible in three years, creating a biblical foundation for lifelong learning. Growing in Christ follows a same-age classroom model, so students are divided into four classes: Pre-K/Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2, Grades 3 & 4, and Grade 5 . As they grow in faith alongside their peers, the children explore the Bible, draw connections to the Small Catechism, and learn the traditions of the Lutheran Church.

Our classes are team-taught by adult (and some great, post-Confirmation teens) volunteers who are passionate about teaching our children the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Sunday School year runs from September through May, with a less formal Sunday School during the summer and a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS).

As Christians, we believe that The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and accordingly, we need to have a stronger understanding of what God expects of us as individuals as is revealed in His Word. Therefore, as practicing Christians, we should seek at all times to increase our knowledge of God’s Word by studying it.

In this regard, our church has established a Christian Education Hour that immediately follows Divine Service so that those who choose will have an opportunity to attend the Pastor’s Bible Class which covers a wide variety of subjects. The Adult Bible Study affords all who attend with a choice to simply listen and ponder upon the thoughts of the day, ask questions, or engage in discussion.

Other Adult Bible Study Groups also meet at various times during the week to discuss how God’s word can assist us in learning more about Jesus as we sit together at the foot of the cross. Please consult the church calendar regarding dates and times of weekday study groups.

Confirmation in the Lutheran Church is a public profession of faith prepared for by long and careful instruction. In English, it is called "affirmation of baptism", and is a mature and public reaffirmation of the faith which "marks the completion of the congregation's program of confirmation ministry".

For over nearly five centuries, the Small Catechism has served as the basic instruction book for the church bearing the name of the great Reformer, Martin Luther. Its staying power goes beyond love for tradition. The Catechism directs us to clear passages from God’s Word. It distinguishes carefully between the two chief teachings of the Bible: the Law and the Gospel. It also points to the only source for spiritual life, the Means of Grace: the Word and Sacraments. Students of the Catechism should be led to see the importance of the truths from God’s Word for their lives and should grow in their deep appreciation for all that the Lord Jesus Christ has done as their Savior.

The Catechism is divided into six chief parts:

Part 1: The Ten Commandments

Part 2: The Apostles Creed

Part 3: The Lord’s Prayer

Part 4: Baptism

Part 5: The Office of the Keys and Confession

Part 6: The Lord’s Supper

Also included are:

Prayers for Daily Use

Table of Duties

Christian Questions and Answers

Coming to Communion in the Lutheran Church is a seven-week course taught by our Pastor that provides a lasting framework for spiritual growth as Lutherans.

Whether you are considering membership here at Our Redeemer, have been a member for some time, or are just curious about what we believe, CCLC will offer you insight into our faith.

Using Luther’s Small Catechism as the lens through which to understand the Bible, we examine key tenets of our faith including the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, Confession, and the Sacrament of the Altar (Communion).

We also discuss aspects of our congregation in particular and of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to which our congregation belongs.

This course is offered two to three times per year and is a great opportunity for fellowship with a small group of people growing in the foundations of our Christian faith.

Contact our office (office@orelc.org) to sign up for the next session.

Biblical Reference

How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

Proverbs 16:16