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The Why Part of Giving

Giving of time, talent, and treasures (Stewardship in the simple sense) without truly having a good understanding of why we should be good stewards can make stewardship seem more like a job or obligation.  Not understanding why takes away the truly amazing part of stewardship which is the Holy Spirit working through us.

Ask yourself why do I give?  What motivates me to be good steward?  Could it be that growing up we saw our parents put an offering in the plate each Sunday, and now we do the same thing without truly understanding why?   

If we serve on a committee, help out on one of the cleaning teams, or serve in some other capacity, and we do so because we feel obligated when asked for our help; then while our intentions are good, our motivation for volunteering is not in line with true Christian stewardship.  If we don't understand why we serve, then we have missed the best part of stewardship. 

We need to examine why it is that some serve in one capacity or another giving up so much of their time and effort, and then, when their agreed to term is over, they stop coming to church all together.  Could it be that they treated their service just like a job, and after fulfilling their agreed to commitment, they felt that it was okay to take a break from everything, including worship?  Fortunately, this doesn't happen often, but it is sad when it does. 

Let the Stewardship Team help you understand the why part of stewardship.  This is a something that we want to do for you.  Understanding WHY we are called to be stewards will make serving a much more meaningful and rich experience. 

Simply Giving

Online Donations To Our Redeemer

Online Donations to Our Redeemer

The Simply Giving Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank is a simple, reliable way to make your regular contributions to Our Redeemer through automated giving.

The program is designed to help you conveniently, consistently and joyfully give financial gifts to the ministry of Our Redeemer. Let the Simply Giving® Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank help you build better stewardship by turning a simple choice into a generous response.

Biblical Reference

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace: 

1 Peter 4:10-11