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Welcome New Members!


How does one become a member of Our Redeemer?

First and foremost, a person becomes a member of the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. In other words, we become Christians by believing that Jesus has died on the cross for us and paid the full price for our sins. We do not teach that a person becomes a Christian through good works or simply by joining a church. When a person visits us who is not a believer and desires to learn what the Christian life is all about, or who wish to join our church, they are then invited to Adult Catechism.

Here at Our Redeemer and for Lutherans in general, infants are baptized in the name of the Father, +Son, and Holy Spirit. The child is then taught the Christian faith at home by his parents. Additionally, children are continually taught the faith through worship, Sunday School, First Communion, and Catechism. Older people who have not been baptized first make a profession of faith and then prepare for Holy Baptism through adult catechism.

Coming to Communion in the Lutheran Church (CCLC) is a seven-week course taught by Pastor or the Elders that provides a lasting framework for spiritual growth as Lutherans.

Whether you are considering membership here at Our Redeemer, have been a member for some time, or are just curious about what we believe, CCLC will offer you insight into our faith.

Using Luther’s Small Catechism as the lens through which to understand the Bible, we examine key tenets of our faith including the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, Confession, and the Sacrament of the Altar (Communion).

We also discuss aspects of our congregation in particular and of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to which our congregation belongs.

This course is offered two to three times per year and is a great opportunity for fellowship with a small group of people growing in the foundations of our Christian faith. Contact our office (office@orelc.org) to sign up for the next session.

Members of other Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregations who have moved into our area request a transfer of membership from their home congregation. There is no need for Adult Catechism for transfers. We simply ask a transferring family to undergo one orientation session. Of course, if there is a desire to undergo instruction, this is certainly a welcome option.


The inquirers, typically about 12 people or so, then begin a class of instruction or catechism. These are taught by the pastor and some of the Elders of the congregation.  Instruction centers around the following topics:

  1. Who is God?
  2. What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  3. The Law (Ten Commandments)
  4. The Distinction between Law and Gospel
  5. The Life of Christ
  6. The Holy Spirit
  7. The Sacramental Life
  8. Baptism
  9. The Office of the Keys and Confession
  10. The Lord's Supper
  11. The Church Year and the liturgical life
  12. The Life of Martin Luther
  13. Membership issues and final matters

At the conclusion of the new members class (CCLC), if a person has not been baptized, they then are prepared for baptism by their profession of faith.  If the timing is right, this is conducted at the Vigil of Easter each year. If a person has already been baptized, then they are reaffirming their faith in Christ and essentially renewing the faith that was begun at baptism. People who have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity are not re-baptized. Their baptism is renewed and affirmed through CCLC.

After CCLC is completed, all members are encouraged to grow further in their Christian faith through Bible Study and faithful attendance at worship.