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Welcome to Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church! We organize our thinking and doing into four basic areas of focus: Home, Church, Groups and Others. We call it Forward To Basics and these four areas are interconnected and work together motivated by the love of Christ.

Upcoming Events

A Special Presentation Event

Does the Family Have a Future?

An Evening with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Thursday, October 13, 6:30 - 8:45 pm

Our Redeemer is pleased to present this no-cost, no-RSVP event. Refreshments and childcare will be provided. 


As we all know and feel, the family is under attack like never before.  Everything, it seems, is in question: lifelong married love, the sanctity of life from conception until natural death, the child's right to know the love and care of both parents, and even the reality of the male and female body.

The Good News is that God's design for the family is truly irreplaceable.  It will endure.  There is hope for the family!  There is healing for the wounded!  And there is so much that Christians can do!

Dr. Morse is an internationally know author, speaker, and academic.  She is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization focused on creating a Christ-like solution to the agony and injustice of family breakdown.

More about Dr. Morse at Ruth Institute


Bring in your carved pumpkins!

Carved pumpkins needed:

The Social Board is requesting you bring your family-themed carved pumpkin on Sunday, October 9th to help create a welcoming entrance for the Dr. Morse special event.  Carving help is available after ABC or second service on October 9 and pumpkins will be returned after the 10/13 event.  Thank you for adding your touch to make this an unforgettable evening.


Ushers Needed

 Ushers Needed

To the men and women of the congregation, including recent Confirmands, prayerfully consider becoming an usher.  The commitment is once every 4 weeks.  Ushering allows you to serve during a time when you would normally be at church and it's a great way for students to get some service hours.  We have great teams and ask you to join us!  Contact Doug George for more information.


Consitution/Bylaws Meeting

Constitution/Bylaw Meeting

Your INPUT and IDEAS would be helpful at the next Rewrite Meeting this Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm in Martin Hall. Subsequent meetings will be held every Tuesday evening through year's end.


New Servers Needed

New Acolytes Needed

Any boy or girl who has completed the 3rd grade or above is encouraged to become an Acolyte. Parents, please encourage your children to serve the church by calling the office to leave your child's name and grade.


St. Paul's 150th Anniversary


Our mother congregation will be celebrating its 150 Anniversary this fall.  


Our congregation is invited to attend a celebratory Dinner on Saturday, October 15 from 4-9 pm at the Pawtucket Country Club and the worship service on Sunday, October 23 at 10 am at St. Paul's.  Call the office for ticket details.


Who are we?

Our Redeemer is a beacon of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

What is our purpose?

Leading with the Gospel, Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church is a family of faith, built by God's Grace, fed by His Word, sharing the saving love of Christ.

What is our mission?

What impact will we have?

Anchored in Christ, we will be a congregation known for shining His light into the world, joyfully speaking of our love for Him, and enfolding people in all stages of life into the household of faith.

What are our core values?

Steadfastness - Firm, Fixed, Steady
Compassion - To suffer along side another
Prayer - An act of worship wherein we bring our petitions before God with our hearts and lips and offer up praise and thanksgiving to Him.
Joy - A response of gladness to the work of God

One Small Devotion

Going to the Dogs

"Moreover, even the dogs came and licked his sores" (Luke 16:21).

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Rom. 13:9).  The story of the Rich Man and Lazarus seems to teach this commandment only through a negative example.  The rich man did not care for his neighbor.

But there is in the story also a shining positive example of loving your neighbor as yourself.  It is the dogs who came and licked the poor man's sores.  A dog is a man's best friend.  In the case of Lazarus, they may have been his only friends.

Israelites thought of dogs differently than we do.  They were unclean, scavengers, and a source of disease.  So we think that Jesus mentions the dogs in order to underscore Lazarus's suffering.  He could do nothing to keep the dirty dogs away.

But from another angle a love shines through.  What do dogs do for themselves?  They lick their sores and wounds (an action that removes dead tissue and promotes healing).  In coming and licking the sores of Lazarus, they give a perfect lesson on the commandment: You shall lick your neighbor as yourself.

The dogs acted instinctively.  The instinct of sinful man is to love himself.  The love of Christ and the Holy Spirit implant a new instinct: to love your neighbor, especially the one who is hurting.

Let's all go to the dogs, and follow their example.

Monday, September 26, 2016