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Welcome to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church's website. We are an active, growing congregation. The center of our Church's life is the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He died that we might live, we respond in worship. Because there are many who have not heard this good news, we proclaim it. And because our Lord served us through His death and resurrection, we live to serve Him and one another. >> About Our Redeemer

Who are we?

Our Redeemer is a beacon of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

What is our purpose?

Leading with the Gospel, Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church is a family of faith, built by God's Grace, fed by His Word, sharing the saving love of Christ.

What is our mission?

What impact will we have?

Anchored in Christ, we will be a congregation known for shining His light into the world, joyfully speaking of our love for Him, and enfolding people in all stages of life into the household of faith.

What are our core values?

Firm, Fixed, Steady

To suffer along side another

An act of worship wherein we bring our petitions before God with our hearts and lips and offer up praise and thanksgiving to Him.

A response of gladness to the work of God

Upcoming Events

Voters Meeting to issue a Divine Call


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: 

After many hours of prayerful consideration, our Search Team has completed the work we have called them to do on our behalf in our search for a Settled Pastor. Being led by the Holy Spirit, the Search Team would like to present to the Congregation, the candidate(s) they feel best meets the characteristics we are seeking in our next pastor.  

I am calling a Voters Meeting to take place on Sunday, October 19th immediately following a Combined 10:00am Divine Service . Sunday School and Adult Bible Study will held at 9:00am, but may be shortened in order to accommodate.  Due to the historic nature of this meeting for Our Redeemer, and in order to allow as many members to attend, we welcome and encourage ALL members, including children to remain in the sanctuary for our meeting. As always, feel free to accompany the restless and fidgety into the Narthex, or the Nursery, and we will do our best to make sure our sound system is operating throughout the building.  

The Lord has truly blessed His people here at Our Redeemer! We pray that in His mercy, He will continue to look upon us with favor and answer our prayer for a Settled Pastor according to His good and gracious will!!

In His Service,

Jim Ferrara


Bryan Schmeling

Vice President & Search Team Leader


Women's Bible Study & Prayer Group at 9:00 am

Group is starting up this Tuesday and will be meeting each Tuesday thereafter.