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Welcome to Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church! We organize our thinking and doing into four basic areas of focus: Home, Church, Groups and Others. We call it Forward To Basics and these four areas are interconnected and work together motivated by the love of Christ.

Upcoming Events


Stamp Farm Greenhouses | 219 Comstock Parkway, Cranston, RI | P: 401-942-4742 | stampfarms.com

The Annual Plant Sale to benefit Our Redeemer will be held from May 21st - May 29th, 2017Let the cashier know you are making a purchase to be credited to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.  A portion of your purchase will be given to Our Redeemer. Open 8 am - 6 pm daily, 9 am - 5pm on Sundays.



Our Redeemer is in need of your green thumb to take care of a flower bed on the church grounds.  The signup/property map is in the Narthex and needs a few more volunteers!  Ask a Trustee any question; they are here to help you!



The 7-week new Women's Bible Study continues on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 - 8:30 pm with a study from "Ruth, More Than a Love Story" by Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman. Sue Smith has more details.



Exciting NEW Member Class continues on Sundays during the Education hour at 9:30 am.   Anyone interested in learning about what we believe here as Missouri Synod Lutherans at Our Redeemer is welcome to join us.  Please see Sue Smith, Lay Deacon trainee, or Pastor Matt for more information.



ORELC will be hosting a Sandwich Supper on the first Wednesday of each month with FREE sandwiches, salad, drinks and dessert.  Join us starting at 5:30 pm, and then plan on joining us for a brief (40 minute) mid-week Divine Worship Service. 



Please call or email the office with names of any members graduating High School or College.  We would like to recognize each individual for his/her achievements and honors in the June announcements.  Deadline for publishing is May 28th.



Your church needs YOU to teach Summer Sunday School just for one day.  The program could not be simpler: you choose to show a video or teach a scripted lesson.  Sign-up sheet in the Narthex for one the 13 Summer Sundays yet to be filled! Call the church office with inquiries.



You are invited to the unveiling of Rhode Island Right to Life Services' ANCORA Women's Mobile Pregnancy Center Fundraising Banquet. To join the "Our Redeemer" table at this June 1st event, register at www.rirtlrsvp.org and select "Bosch" as your Group Host.

Link to Register 


In observation of Memorial Day, the church office will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017.



The 2017 Flower Chart is open for requests.  You'll find it on the bulletin board in the church office. Please write your name on the requested date, along with the intention name or occasion.  Cost is $40 total for the two altar bouquets.


Who are we?

Our Redeemer is a beacon of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

What is our purpose?

Leading with the Gospel, Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church is a family of faith, built by God's Grace, fed by His Word, sharing the saving love of Christ.

What is our mission?

What impact will we have?

Anchored in Christ, we will be a congregation known for shining His light into the world, joyfully speaking of our love for Him, and enfolding people in all stages of life into the household of faith.

What are our core values?

Steadfastness - Firm, Fixed, Steady
Compassion - To suffer along side another
Prayer - An act of worship wherein we bring our petitions before God with our hearts and lips and offer up praise and thanksgiving to Him.
Joy - A response of gladness to the work of God

One Small Devotion

The Way

"Jesus said to him, 'I am the way...'" (John 14:6).

I shared the following, by Richard Wurmbrand, at last evening's Divine Service.  And remember that "The Way" was an early name for Christianity (Acts 9:2, 24:14).

A young Brahmin came one day to the renowned missionary, E. Stanley Jones, and told him, "Your speeches have found much response.  It would be good if you would preach Christ as one of the many ways.  There are others, too.  We love Krishna.  Others love Kali.  If you would accept this, all India would listen to you."

This temptation existed already at the beginning of Christianity.  The Roman Empire was very tolerant toward religions.  They gladly would have accepted Christ as one of the many gods in their Pantheon - on the same footing as Diana, Mars, Apollo, Mithra, and the emperors.  What led to the persecution of the first Christians was the insistence that Christ is the only way and that all the others are false.

Personally, I would like it very much if there could be many ways.  However, in no regard is the universe constructed according to my wishes.  Someone wiser than I, who knows better, has created it.  I have to accept it.  I have no other choice.  I would like to have been born and raised in other circumstances.  Again, my life has been predestinated without my being consulted.  I cannot decide how men should be saved.  The master of the universe has appointed only one way of salvation.

There is no arguing with Him.  Receive Jesus Christ and you will be saved.  Refuse Him, neglect Him, and you will be damned.  It is as simple as this.  God did not ask us about our tastes.  We would like it if there would only be a heaven.  There exists a hell, too.  It is so easy for you to avoid it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017